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At The Etch Pros, we design and craft our beautiful lanterns, tea light and candle holders, at our workshop in Tampa Florida, U.S.A. We use use the precision of laser technology to cut out our detailed designs, and then hand assemble these pieces of art with care. Each design has it's own meaning or background that has our customers using these wonders as conversation pieces. A "One-Of-A-Kind Gift with meaning", has made these unique gifts popular with people around the world. Our creations project the glow of a subtle abstract version of each design on the surrounding surface or wall to create a extraordinary lighting experience.

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Lotus Flower Outline - Tea Light Holder

As Low As $10.00
The Lotus Flower (Outline) The lotus flower represents purity, beauty, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. It also symbolizes rebirth and the sun. The lotus is in tune with the heart and crown chakras. A ONE-OF-A-KIND GIFT WITH MEANING, READY TO GIVE! This beautiful birch wood LOTUS FLOWER (OUTLINE) tea light holder...

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