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Flower of Life - Pillar Candle Holder


The Flower Of Life Pillar Candle Holder

The flower of life, as art of sacred geometry, is one of the oldest sacred symbols known to man. It is believed to contain the basic information of all living things and to be a visual expression of the connections of life that run through all sentient beings. ( sentiment beings are ones with the faculty of sensation, and the power to perceive, reason and think. Da Vinci studied the flower of life's mathematical properties and is represented in the form of geometric features in his artwork. The flower of life is considered to possess deep spiritual meaning and forms of enlightenment. The symbol can be found in manuscripts, temples and art throughout many cultures around the world. It's symbol transcends borders and boundaries, depicting the fundamental forms of space and time.


This beautiful birch wood FLOWER OF LIFE pillar candle holder comes fully assembled. We laser cut the unique design, and hand assemble them in our workshop based in Tampa Florida USA. The holder projects a subtle abstract version of the design with flickering light patterns on a wall or surrounding surfaces ( as pictured ).**

Your candle holder is natural wood without stain or seal. You can choose the natural beauty of the wood like we do, or you can choose to stain or paint the item to match your decor. Your pillar candle holder comes sanded smooth and ready to decorate or display in it's naturally beautiful state.

Assembly: This item ships pre-assembled.
Material: Birch Plywood
Finishing: unfinished
Size: 6x6x6 inches

* Candle Safety: Normal candle safety procedures should be followed. For the pillar candle holder sample picture we have used a battery LED faux candle (NOT INCLUDED). We recommend battery operated candles such as the LUMINARA real flame-effect or similar, as LEDs are safest and can be left unattended.  If you choose use a real flame candle, please DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED ( use standard candle safety ) as the item is made of wood. The candle flame is unobstructed and the heat goes straight up. WHEN USING A REAL CANDLE, YOU MUST USE A CANDLE INSIDE A GLASS CONTAINER, LIKE A HURRICANE HOLDER OR THE LIKE and center it. Also, soy wax candles burn cooler than paraffin-based candles. We have tested them and they work just fine, we just prefer the ease and peace of mind of the LED type. The big plus of an LED, is that you can place it anywhere, on a shelf without a concern of flame.

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