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Moroccan Pattern 1 Lantern - Etch Pros.. Laser Craft Studios

Moroccan Trellis Quatrefoil - Lantern

The Moroccan Q' design is both stylish and sleek, transitional and contemporary, clever and soothing.  It's popular ornamental design has four lobes resembling a four leaf clover. The word quatrefoil derives from latin for "four leaves". It's geometrical design conveys feelings of good luck and fortune. Ancient cultural meanings include, Celtic - the wheel of being, Native American - the four ends of the earth (north, south, east, west ) Christianity ( 4 evangelists of the bible ( Matthew, Mark, Luke, John ). Today, it symbolizes harmony, symmetry and proportion, or good luck and fortune.
Can be used as a hanging light or a table lamp

Includes Lighting fixture and Laser Cut Lantern

Options: Comes as both a hanging lantern or a table lamp. Additionally, hanging lanterns can be configured to have either the decorative bottom or open bottom. 

This item ships flat, Assembly Required
Material: Birch Plywood
Finishing: unfinished
Light:  Light Fixture included, LED Light bulbs recommended
Size: 6x6x12 inches

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