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Spider Flake - Tea Light Holder


The Spiderflake

The spider flake represents, most recently, the discovery of the beauty of the world of Christmas through the eyes of Jack Skellington. Jack, in the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas" accidentally creates a spider flake while practicing Kirigami, the art of folding and cutting paper to create a delightful surprise once unfolded. While origami is a process of creating folded paper art, Kirigami is both folding and cutting to create. According to legend, the spider has for centuries had a relationship with Christmas. Spiders were said to be enamored with the Christmas Tree, spreading their beautiful webs around the tree, and once the Christ child gently touched the webs, "with love in his heart and a smile on his lips", he caused the webs to sparkle and shine shimmering silver and gold….according to this legend, ever since, people have hung tinsel on their Christmas tree. Enjoy this beautiful design year round to show an admiration for the spider, it's web, as well as both Halloween and Christmas.


This beautiful birch wood SPIDERFLAKE tea light holder comes fully assembled and complete with it's own LED faux candle, ready to display. We laser cut the unique design, and hand assemble them in our workshop based in Tampa Florida USA. The holder projects a subtle abstract version of the design with flickering light patterns on a wall or surrounding surfaces ( as pictured ).**

Assembly: This item ships pre-assembled with an LED tea light.
Material: Birch Plywood
Finishing: unfinished
Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.25 inches

** Candle Safety: For the sample picture we have used a battery LED faux candle (WHICH WE INCLUDE WITH YOUR TEA LIGHT HOLDER ). We recommend battery operated tea lights, as LEDs are safest and can be left unattended. There is a "centering" circle/ring in the holder made for a tea candle. If you choose use a real flame version set in the metal cup, please DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED ( use standard candle safety ) as the item is made of wood. The candle flame is unobstructed and the heat goes straight up. We have tested them and they work just fine, we just prefer the ease and peace of mind of the LED. The big plus of an LED, is that you can place it anywhere, on a shelf without a concern of flame.

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